Wednesday, March 28, 2012

CMAW wins by a landslide with Aluma Systems vote!

This year – and every year – the American controlled, undemocratic UBCJA vainly attempts to convince CMAW members to rejoin the union they left seven years ago.

CMAW members working for Aluma Systems had to endure late night visits from UBCJA organizers, threatening phone calls, and pressure from management to switch unions.

Management was even seen to be wearing pro-UBCJA t-shirts on-site in the days leading up to vote. UBCJA Organizers called CMAW members on their phones that had numbers known only to a few family members and their employer. UBCJA organizers even had to be removed from the parking lot by security at the Chevron refinery in Burnaby.

However, it was no use. CMAW members rejected the bully tactics the UBCJA constantly employs and voted 29-10 for CMAW.

For those members who supported us, we thank you for your support. As well, CMAW will continue to work hard to convince those who voted otherwise that their Brothers they work with each day made the right choice. As we move forward, CMAW continues to grow and offer superior collective agreements and representation to its members.

For more information about CMAW, please feel encouraged to contact Jan Noster and Paul Nedelec at 604.437.0471.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012