Monday, December 19, 2011

Doug McCarron: You Do Your Work - We'll Do Ours!

Local Union No. 3, IBEW - Official Website:
In a tough economy, all the building trades need to pull together to protect our work and turn more projects into union jobs.
But that’s not the way it is in St. Louis.

The head of the Carpenters District Council in that town, Terry Nelson, with the support of UBC General President Doug McCarron, is wasting time and money attacking the IBEW and stealing its work.
While nonunion carpenters are working and UBC members sit on the bench, WHY is Nelson spending his members’ dues signing sweetheart deals with nonunion electrical contractors and lowering wage and benefit standards set by St. Louis IBEW Local 1 over generations?
And now they are going after IBEW union contractors. So we ask: Where will McCarron try to pull this next? Which other trades will be next in line for raiding?

In this town, we respect each other’s jurisdiction—for the Carpenters
and everybody—and resolve our disputes in a way that makes sense.
We don’t go for sweetheart deals and company unions.
Shame on Doug McCarron.
We ask ALL good trades men and women, especially Carpenters: Tell Doug McCarron to do his job and focus on his work, not everybody else’s.


Anonymous said...

I am not sure if you have seen this already but if I ran a blog and claimed I was for union democracy I would post this 4 page letter from Jan Noster to the CEP. Written in Jan's classic form this piece of work is sure to delight those who have been following his personnel soap opera of disorganization, chaos, and failure.

Anonymous said...

Well at least Jan is not nearly as fat at Doug Urquart or nearly as dumb as Brent Mayne or Mike Christensen