Tuesday, January 25, 2011

CMAW Scaffolders featured in WorkSafe Magazine

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Mike Moore, owner of the Prince George-based Chinook Scaffold Systems, says he rarely sees falls from scaffolding on the larger industrial sites his company oversees. But since he began in the scaffolding business 25 years ago, he's been more concerned about the absence of training in the industry overall.

'In Europe,' he points out, 'not only does scaffolding have an apprenticeship; they're the highest paid of all the trades.'

Learn the ropes...and tubes and clamps

In B.C., however, Moore says it's usually up to individual scaffolding companies to provide their own training in the safe use of scaffolding. 'When we put out a call for workers, we may or may not get people trained in using a scaffold,' he says.

To address this problem, Moore recently asked two of his staff (one of them certified in scaffold training) to create a six-week scaffolding training course. Now when he hires carpenters for temporary construction work, he says he can rest assured they will first be trained to work safely around scaffolds.

The Chinook course, developed in 2009, is now widely available in B.C., and the Construction Maintenance and Allied Workers Union sponsors its members to take the training. 'Proper training in the construction and use of structure scaffolding is long overdue,' says Local Unit 1998/1237 business manager Ron Knellar.

WorkSafe Magazine - January/February 2011 - WorkSafeBC "High maintenance Scaffold safety and training"
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