Saturday, September 04, 2010

Wobble the job! The Building Trades 2007 Wildcat in Alberta

read the full article: C.W.O.C. IWW
"This meant that the union hall and the union hierarchy were at least partially shut out. While officials attended some of the rallies and spoke to the crowd- mostly urging them to go back to work, the rallies and pickets were organized and carried out by rank-and-file workers. Calls to return to work were drowned out by heckles and chants of ‘general strike!’. Officials did not dare attend the pickets, not even to counsel a return to work, though, as we will see below, they handled this in a much more arms’ length manner.

“Dog shit and herring bones”

- Anonymous rank-and-file carpenter, in reply to his union’s executive request that he return to work.

Saturday Sept. 15th 2007."

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