Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pot Growers Join Union - ABC News

video - ABC News
Bay area grow workers organized by Teamsters union

Thursday, September 09, 2010

AFL-CIO 9/11 Honor Roll of Union Victims

click for list by union: AFL-CIO Honor Roll of Union Victims
United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America
Sean Canavan • Martin Coughlan • Matthew Diaz • Paul Gill • Mauricio Gonzalez • Maurice Kelly • Chris Kirby • Benjamin Millman • Joseph Mistruilli • Brian Monaghan • David Ortiz • Joseph Piskadlo • John Rizzo • Daniel Rosetti • David Ruddle • Stephen Russell • Erick Sanchez • Robert Vecario • Patrick Woods

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Asbestos flooding B.C. with a 'steady stream of death'

read the full article: Vancouver Sun, September 5, 2010
In Trail, B.C., United Steelworkers officials began noticing several years ago that many workers who had retired from the Teck (formerly Cominco) zinc and lead smelting plant were coming down with asbestos-caused diseases.

They called a town meeting. About 80 victims and family members showed up. At the next meeting, 130 came. Now, the union has identified nearly 100 victims, people who toiled in the smelter from the late '40s to late '70s.

"I've seen first-hand what some of these people go through, and their families go through, and their grandchildren, and it's just horrible," says United Steelworkers Local 480 president Doug Jones.

"Somewhere along the way somebody has to be accountable for that. Someone has to be responsible for the shortened lives that people live and the pain and suffering that all the families go through. It just doesn't seem fair."

Teck spokesman Richard Deane says the company spends up to $2 million a year removing asbestos from its plant. "Ever since the negative health effects of asbestos were known we've been working diligently to remove and deal with any trace of asbestos," Deane says, adding that the company's responsibility to sickened workers is covered by its contributions to WorkSafe.

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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Wobble the job! The Building Trades 2007 Wildcat in Alberta

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"This meant that the union hall and the union hierarchy were at least partially shut out. While officials attended some of the rallies and spoke to the crowd- mostly urging them to go back to work, the rallies and pickets were organized and carried out by rank-and-file workers. Calls to return to work were drowned out by heckles and chants of ‘general strike!’. Officials did not dare attend the pickets, not even to counsel a return to work, though, as we will see below, they handled this in a much more arms’ length manner.

“Dog shit and herring bones”

- Anonymous rank-and-file carpenter, in reply to his union’s executive request that he return to work.

Saturday Sept. 15th 2007."

Friday, September 03, 2010

Labour Day Commentary

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The trade union movement today salutes the hundreds of thousands of British Columbians who toil to make the province work whether they are in a union or not.

We pledge to continue to build a labour movement and a province that fights for everyone, not just those fortunate to have the dignity a union provides them.

Happy Labour Day.