Sunday, July 25, 2010

Gerry Lacasse plaque placed in Robson

Gerry's stone was designed by Darlene Schultz and carved by Jeremiah Benbow

Gerry with a "G" is what he always used to say to the hole watch as we headed into one tank or another. I spent a good part of my career being partnered up with one of the finest carpenters I've ever met. Being on the road and away from your family isn't always easy, but having a good friend with you makes it a lot more bearable. I helped bury my friend on his birthday and Murray and I spent the extra time making sure everything was measured and level just as he would have wanted. Gerry may not be with us anymore but he will never be forgotten. He was a proud Canadian and a proud union member. He always wanted what was best for all members.

Even though he has been gone going on two years there isn't a week that I don't think of him. Most times I smile, some times I shed a tear. We should all endeavor to take care of each other on and off the job. My fondest memory was dismantling a scaffold in a really dirty tank and singing "Oh lonesome me" together then arguing about who wrote the song. He was right. Rest in Peace my brother and I hope we can make you proud.

John Voykin

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