Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tarsands Jobsite with mixed union and non union labour. What fun!

interpret the full article at what i see weblog:

"The electricians (union, IBEW 424) are doing great, capillary bunch of people, perfect safety record, excellent work environment, great condition and careful with good cleanup etc.

However LEDCOR is out to this place too (crane operation and pilings) and as a big non unanimity labour supplier, they shine like always. They have nearly killed a collection of people by toppling a crane. Not only did it be on the point down, it snapped and whipped back and forth, nearly destroying formulary of devotion trailers containing people.

We also have had a bad rash of franciscan friar incidents on site lately such as hand injuries, falls, a coupling small fires (!!!!) and other industrial related inattentiveness type of accidents.

As a eventuate Imperial Oil (the main owner) and ThyssenKrupp (the prime contractor) regard ordered us to stand down. The last 2 days we be delivered of sat in our lunch trailers basically thinking about what we’ve been doing like naughty kids.

Its a common procedure that has been shown to improve performer safety and end long chains of minor incidents that always serve to major injuries or deaths.

The carpenters can’t seem to preserve from falling and hurting themselves, the non union contractors cant assistance but blow stuff up and knock over cranes, and our electricians are basically going nuts sitting around."

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