Saturday, February 20, 2010

Labour president trying to shame Olympic sponsor

CTV British Columbia: "The BC Federation of Labour is trying to shame a major Olympics sponsor into paying its staff higher wages.

Federation President Jim Sinclair says McDonald's is paying new employees as little at $6.35 an hour under B.C.'s training wage, which is less than the province's eight dollar minimum wage.

Sinclair says McDonald's can find hundreds of millions of dollars to sponsor the Olympics but it pays less than the lowest minimum wage in Canada.

He's urging the company to honour the hard work of its employees by paying starting workers a minimum of 10 dollars an hour."

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Anonymous said...

Hey Dave, Zdrilic here, just wondering how Carpenter members feel abot the job that Drivers picked up in Castlegar under the Pulp Survivor Agreement.Can you post something about that.
Brother Zee