Monday, June 29, 2009

one million visits to and one more McCarron cartoon

It's been 10 years since I started and the visit counter is now over 999,000. By the start of July it will roll a million or go back to zero. To celebrate I have made the 100th poster satirizing Douglas J. McCarron, the CEO of the Carpenters Union. You can view it at the douglas j mccarron: the complete despot collection weblog where the other 99 cartoons now reside on the internet.

It's been 10 years since Doug McCarron ventured out of his comfort zone to have the lights turned off on him at Local 513 in Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada when his restructuring initiative tried to take away the right to vote for contracts and officers. YouTube - Lights Out, McCarron It's been 10 years since the wildcat strike at the San Francisco airport and McCarron and Draper hung John Reimann of Local 713 out to dry by expelling him from the union. Since that time McCarron has not missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity. He hobnobbed with George W. Bush on Labor Day in 2001 and 2002 when he flew to Wisconsin and Pennsylvania on Air Force One with Dubya. It's a been 7 years since he locked out the officers of Atlanta 225 and imposed trusteeship.

He tore down 101 Constitution Ave. in Washington DC and had condos built within spitting distance of the White House. He gambled your dues money on a new training center in Las Vegas and there are 2000 members sitting on the board there now. He lined his pockets with insider trading loot in the ULLICO scandal and had to give it back. He did his best to gut the AFL-CIO by withdrawing along with Hoffa's Teamsters and the Labourer's Union. He endorsed John Edwards (and Bush before him) for President.

He makes over a quarter of a million dollars a year plus tips over the last 10 years and is about as visible these days as Pauxutawney Phil at midnight. He only surfaces to be voted Construction Man of the year by the Association of General Contractors. He addressed them again on May 28th of 2009. Busy guy, but he hasn't done much for you, the rank and file carpenters.

UBCJA carpenters can print this Where's McCarron poster and hang it by the phone as you continue to wait for the call for work. Enjoy your summer off.

CMAW carpenters can take a bit of pride in the fact that McCarron lost face, bigtime, right here in BC.

You earned your autonomy.


Anonymous said...

You forgot the $50 000.00 a month McCarron gets from your namesake Dave Coles and his ratbag clac sister union cmaw. It has been fun watching your big successful Canadian Autonomy swirl down the toilet. Keep up the bad work and we'll see you in a few years when Jan comes suck-holing to Smith after the fall out from the big one between him and Coles.

d@ve said...

Thank you Edmonton - that explains your condition but not why you stopped your medication. Come by again when the Yanks turn off your tap.