Thursday, June 04, 2009

CMAW Construction

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"I can (see) how one issue might bother CMAW Local 1995. CEP representative Mike Fenton is list on the CEP Western Region site a the Recording Secretary for CMAW. Who interests does Mike represent? I would assume the one that is paying him which would be CEP. I could see why CEP would like to have a representative on the board of CMAW. After all this is the construction arm of CEP ( well that is the way CEP likes to say it )

“CEP’s construction arm will work to change that, and we will also work to ensure that workers who are laid off in other sectors of the economy, can transition to construction, when skills permit,” says Coles

CMAW views the relationship slightly differently in the CMAW Owners Manual it says ' as an independent Canadian union CMAW is organizing workers in construction in other fields...'"

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