Tuesday, June 02, 2009

CEP Union: Forestry Not The Only Protest

read full article (and 1995 press release) via cepunion.blogspot.com

It is interesting that CMAW and CMAW Local 1928 went to get an order to stop protesting in front of their offices. Especially when CEP members across the country have occupied a number of member of parliaments constituency offices in trying to raise awareness about the forestry issues across Canada.

'An Order that the CMAW Bargaining Council Local 1995, its officers, members employees, agents and any other persons authorized by Local 1995 and Randy Smith and Mitch Nowak shall refrain from picketing at or near 2806 Kingsway, in the City of Vancouver BC which means refraining from attending at or near the entrances, exits, or premises of the building for the purpose of persuading or attempting to persuade any one not to enter that place of business or building, and includes any similar act at such place that has an equivalent purpose.'

This issue seems to have been an on going issue since the fall of 2008 when CMAW Local 1995 member(s) voted to leave CEP. Since that time CMAW has continued to (remit) dues on behalf of CMAW local 1995 members to CEP.


Anonymous said...

Results of the 1995 election/June 16th

President, Bill Duck 193
Randy Smith 117

Vice President Randy Freeman 124
Eugenio Zanotto 190

d@ve said...

Congratulations to Bill and Eugenio