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Union Bosses Hide From Angry Membership
It seems that some brothers and sisters are not happy with what is happening at FTQ Construction. How many FTQ Construction members does CEP have? How many CMAW construction members does CEP have? How many construction members does CEP have?

Wed, 2009-04-15 14:52.
Kathy Coulombe

Internal dissension at Quebec's biggest union: About 300 demonstrators staged a protest outside the FTQ's Cremazie Boulevard office-tower over the noon hour then moved on to Anjou to the offices of "FTQ-Construction" on the Met.

The painters, glaziers, heavy machinery operators and electrians came from across the province to complain about what they see as a bad atmosphere in their union after the election of new directors last November.

The protesters wanted to talk with their union leadership, but the building was locked-down when the first busload of demonstrators pulled-up.

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michael biskar said...

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