Thursday, October 09, 2008

Winnipeg Centre MP decries use of foreign trades on portions of airport expansion project

read full article: Journal of Commerce
Ottawa-based Reemaco Inc. was hired by Ellis Don to hire qualified workers to construct a new air terminal at the James Armstrong Richardson International Airport in Winnipeg.

Reemaco hired about 22 TFWs, mostly from Lebanon, as carpenters to build a ramp.

However, an NDP member of Parliament is extremely upset and angry about the use of the foreign workers on the project.

“We were horrified to learn that local qualified trades people were not being hired and being laid off, while temporary foreign workers continue to be brought in,” said Winnipeg Centre MP Pat Martin.

“Our workers are sitting outside the fence looking in while Lebanese workers are flown in from Moscow. The labour brokers now realize that Canada is an open door and the temporary foreign workers are flooding in.”

A union rep said local workers could have filled the positions.

“Manitoban’s are being sent home and the temporary foreign workers are staying there,” said Wayne McLennan, the business agent for the United Brotherhood of Carpenters.

“I have people on my out of work list lining up for work.”

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