Monday, September 15, 2008

Carpenters Union Defines Business Unionism

LA REVUE GAUCHE - Left Analysis And Comment by Eugene Plawiuk
Faced with corporatist labour management counsultants from CLAC who promote collaboration with Merit Shops (non-union open shops in construction trades) the Carpenters Union are promoting themselves as the alternative.

Contrary to the article below this is not new at all its the return of Gomperism...the Carpenters Union see's its business partners as 'clients' and see's its role as a partner in capitalism, selling labour to the highest bidder. So long Class War.

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agnes said...

On the day before the effective date of the Labor Management Relations Act, 1947, amending the National Labor Relations Act, a union ordered its members, who were working on a dwelling renovation project, to strike. They did so, and the strike continued after the effective date of the amendment. One of the objects was to force the owner of the dwelling to cancel a contract for the installation of wall and floor coverings by a merchant using nonunion workmen in their installation. The National Labor Relations Board found that the union and its agent (petitioners here) had engaged in an unfair labor practice within the meaning of § 8(b)(4)(A) of the Act and ordered them to cease and desist.



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