Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Asbestos exposure will kill 300 British Columbia workers a year: survey

Asbestos exposure will kill 300 workers a year: survey - By Brian Morton, Vancouver Sun via Doctor Petersen at Mesothelioma Information
“A lot of the cases go undiagnosed. If a worker is a smoker and doesn’t indicate they’ve been exposed to asbestos, there’s no reason for the doctor to suspect it.

“This is a serious epidemic and it won’t be going away very quickly, especially if the federal government and Quebec continue [allowing] it to be mined.

“We know that many mesothelioma fatalities are not recorded in the statistics, nor are many lung cancer cases that are caused by asbestos exposure,” Peppard said. “This carnage from asbestos related fatalities is disastrous for those workers and their families.”

The 60-year-old Peppard, himself a plumber for 37 years, is now being tested for possible disease caused by his lengthy exposure to asbestos.

“I’m starting to lose my breath, so I’m a little concerned,” he said. “I’m getting tested now. I can remember pulling asbestos off boilers and pipes. I went home coughing the stuff up.”

He said asbestos is still used in B.C., including in some house siding products, and roofing and paving materials.

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