Sunday, April 20, 2008

Slaughter on the job our silent shame

article: Calgary Herald
More surprising, though, is the number of older workers killed in accidents -- and I really do mean older.

In September 2007, a government report says, "an 80-year-old shop hand was fatally injured. The worker (working by himself) was wiring a light box from a ladder, when he fell and struck his head on the concrete floor."

In January, "a 68-year-old male worker, employed as a logger, was crushed between a feller buncher and a transport trailer as the buncher was being unloaded from the trailer."

And in March, "A 67-year-old driver was securing load straps when one of the straps became trapped and stuck on top of the load.

"The worker climbed onto the load. He was found later by another worker on the ground beside the vehicle, unconscious."

Age could have been a figure in all these cases; those are tough jobs for older men. But one has to admire a shop hand of 80 who goes up a ladder, or a 68-year-old working as a logger.
Alberta on-job deaths up 24% - Calgary Herald
Poor training of new workers blamed for rise

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