Tuesday, December 04, 2007

CMAW Carpenters Good, UBCJA Carpenters Bad, according to Peter Kiewit

One of the world’s largest construction companies has complained that they can’t get qualified carpenters dispatched from the UBCJA local to work on the Revelstoke Dam.

Peter Kiewit Sons has written to the Labour Relations Board saying they know that the qualified carpenters they need are members of CMAW. Peter Kiewit’s lawyers have asked for intervenor status at a board hearing set for Dec. 11 in an attempt to get the qualified CMAW carpenters they need.


Anonymous said...

You mean to say that Gina's house Kelowna framng contractors,er,, ahh,, valued members,can't build something without 90 degree corners

Anonymous said...

Not on purpose.

Anonymous said...

not without practice