Thursday, October 25, 2007

Trick or Treat

Vote Yes for Canadian Autonomy - your ballot must be at the Post Office by 9 AM Monday Oct. 29

and then print out a McCarron Halloween Mask - just print it and punch out his lights

or print out an even scarier one. BOO


Anonymous said...

Once again, the CEP wrecking crew (first Embree and now Noster/Haggarty) are holding back or outright lying about what has happened. As usual, they are flying the flag of freedom from tyranny, at a cost of millions of dollars of the member’s money in legal fees and increased dues under the guise of autonomy.

In the Council News, they do not talk about $6 million or handing over all the union’s assets to the International. According to other information handed out at 1995’s meeting. $4.5 million is to be paid up front and the remaining $1.5 million is to be paid at $500 thousand per year for three years, necessitating a dues increase to 3%, or $132.50 per member per month. Why would this leadership agree to such a thing? They cover it up with a lot of posturing and propaganda. The International wanted to cut back to 12 construction locals and now some say we are looking at one local for all of BC.

Yes, we now have a Canadian union, but we are a skeleton of our former self, with headquarters in Ottawa under an even less democratic Constitution than the International (read the CEP Constitution). We are not affiliated to the rest of the Carpenters in Canada or other Building Trades in Canada, and we are signing yellow dog agreements that are less or parallel to CLAC agreements. We have become the scab union with a disenchanted and diminished membership. Other unions, like the Painters, are picking off our drywallers and as a non-trade affiliate, we are wide open to similar actions from other unions, such as the Labourers and Ironworkers. What a victory! What a price the membership is paying for this treachery! Will the last carpenter to leave please turn out the lights?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yup I guees it the truth hurts when all you get for a rebutle is blah blah blah.
Oh Dave you forgot to add to your FAB CLACMAW web page about the FUTURE pension reductions coming "again" to all you carpinders ,Now that the MILLWRIGHTS FINALLY pulled out of that JOKE of an institution!!!
See how you gain with those man hours gone....LOSERS!