Thursday, September 06, 2007

Forestry's tectonic shift

article: Vancouver Sun
This day, Aug. 30, marked the last day one of the mill's two football field-long paper machines will operate. Catalyst is laying off 185 workers, leaving just over 200 people to run the remaining machine. A third machine, shut down last year, is being taken apart and shipped to India. When it is re-assembled, it will emerge as yet another low-cost competitor.

CEP Local 592 #3 Paper Machine
The rumor that A3 has been sold appears to be true. Ron Buchhorn did confirm that there were discussions with prospective buyers and the specific details were still to be worked out. He also confirmed that if and when the machine is to be dismantled and crated, that JVDI would be contracted and that the company would employ some of our laid-off members working under our collective agreement.

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