Sunday, August 05, 2007

Horizon faces test if oilsands strike

article by Jon Harding, Financial Post
'If Canadian Natural wants to tell investors it's protected from a strike, then the company is dreaming in technicolour,' Mr. McGowan said. 'The question around Division 8 hasn't been answered by the labour relations board and if that state remains and a strike occurs, there's a good chance you'll see picket lines at the Horizon gates.'

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Eric Klyne said...

If the Business Managers were as upset as Barry Salmon states, then why are they not filing a complaint with the Alberta Labour Relations Board?

424 Business Manager Tim Brower had petitioned the Labour Board to delay the Strike Vote Ballot count of 424 until after the vote on the 2nd MOU for the Construction Agreement was completed.
The Labour Board rejected Mr. Brower's request because the Labour Code states that all Strike Vote Ballots are counted at the same time and holding 424's count would prevent the other Trades from serving their Notice of Strike, as all Trades have to serve Notice of Strike at the same time.

So how can an American International Union override our Alberta, Canadian Laws and interefere by now stating that the Boilermakers Local 146 has to redo their Strike Vote thus making the other Unions wait for them to now serve Notice of Strike?

Angry Unions? Maybe the membership but apparently not the Business Manager as they haven't filed a complaint.
I guess I will.