Sunday, July 29, 2007

Alta. oilfield unions hold off on strike -- for now

article: CanWest News Service
A possible strike by 25,000 tradespeople in Alberta's oilsands is not expected until at least Monday, according to Barry Salmon of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, spokesman for the five unions currently in negotiation.On Tuesday, five oilsands construction unions voted overwhelmingly to strike in a move that could halt work at oilsands projects in Fort McMurray, Alta.

The unions -- boilermakers, plumbers and pipe fitters, electrical workers, millwrights and refrigerator mechanics -- held simultaneous ballots earlier this month, the first such votes in almost three decades.

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Eric Klyne said...

Despite what the 424 Business Manager Tim Brower says, Barry Salmon does not speak for the members of 424. Mr. Brower violated the IBEW Constitution by making Mr. Salmon a member. Mr. Brower was charged for this but so far the International Vice President Phil Flemming chooses to ignore all charges against Tim Brower.