Tuesday, June 19, 2007

CEP 1123 Online

CEP 1123 Online:: "The Sky is Falling ...
Again or Still ?..."
The piece missing in this latest saga is the contribution of JVD to this mess. The official line is that they were over budget to the tune of $150,000. Since there is no bidding process and they seem to charge whatever they want with Vancouver’s blessing, that figure is rather incredible.

On a more positive note, I predict that the maintenance budget will be looking good again in October 2007, so that JVD can line up at the trough for the annual year-end gorging.

It is rather amazing that, regardless of the pounding, the doom and gloom, the lies and the finger pointing, we manage to keep showing up and doing our job in a safe, efficient and professional way. My guess is that this mill is a big part of our past, our present and our future, and we invest more than money in it

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Anonymous said...

I heard Drivers got the boot at Crofton today.