Friday, June 01, 2007

A4 Announcement

CEP Local 592
Today Catalyst Paper informed CEP Local 592 that Port Alberni Division%u2019s #4 Paper Machine would be curtailed indefinitely. This results in the loss of a further 185 jobs at the Port Alberni site. The affect on Local 592 will be the loss of 101 jobs, 45 in operations and 56 in maintenance.

The decision by Catalyst to remove 134,000 tonnes of newsprint capacity from the market has had a devastating impact on both Local 592 and the community of Port Alberni.

CEP Local 592 will be meeting with the company to address the specific details and impacts of this announcement.

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Anonymous said...

Josh Coles and his dad sold us off for promises that were really nothing but a pack of lies from the beginning.