Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Second Tank Collapses at Fort McMurray Work Site

Edmonton Journal
On April 24, two Chinese citizens working for Chinese contractor Sinopec Shanghai Engineering died instantly when the roof of a large storage tank collapsed. Four other workers, also from China, were injured.The investigation into the April collapse is expected to take months.

Nobody was near the tank that collapsed Saturday because a stop-work order from the April accident was still in effect, Frey said. 'There wasn't any work going on the site.'Saturday's collapse will be examined as part of the investigation that was launched in April, he said.

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Anonymous said...

canada is now much like a third world country - a workforce that is disposable, if someone dies on the job, push him/her aside and order another temporary forein worker. instead of training young people into a highly skilled workforce. contractors and government want to keep a large supply of workers to keep wages and conditions down. if unions continue to fight umungst themselves, while clack and non-union flourish, there will be only crumbs left. the union movement needs a strong leader that can pull together all unions under one umbrella to build one big union.

and just to be perfectly clear dave coles i said strong not corrupt!