Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day

Unions need to re-energize - Tom Cooper, Hamilton Spectator, Canada
Although Canada celebrates officially on the first Monday in September, many jurisdictions around the world consider today their official Labour Day.

Throughout the 20th century, Canada's labour movement made important strides in pushing for progressive changes in the workplace. Despite sometimes violent opposition from business and government, unions were largely responsible for advancements such as safer workplace conditions, fair hours, paid holidays ... even the concept of 'the weekend.'


Anonymous said...

cmaw.blogspot.com ranked the #1 result on google search of cmaw. great work dave! keep the real voice of the rank n file alive. it is the only chance we got to share info and take our union back from organized crime.

Anonymous said...

right on brother we need this site to give us the whole story with ALL the information

rock on Dave