Sunday, May 06, 2007

How ya gonna get 'em out of the tar sands?

Unionized carpenters on mainland Nova Scotia have ratified a new contract with contractors who are members of the Construction Management Bureau, says a recent release from the union.

The new collective agreement for members of locals 83 and 1392 of the Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island Regional Council of Carpenters, Millwrights and Allied Workers includes wage increases and pension and training fund improvements.

Journeymen carpenters are to earn $34.21 per hour under terms of the two-year deal, it says.


Anonymous said...

34.21 Total pkg Thats about $6 per hour less than B.C.

Anonymous said...

painters the latest trade pulling out of clc because of clac style unions like cep and their corrupt influence over the group. while coles would argue they are small and nobody cares he misses the point that even a small group can send a big message to the rest. soon all the clc will represent is clac and/or cep.

Anonymous said...

nobody at the clc gives a fuck about the painters its 65% cdn unions they dont like the Building trades, no sympathy from CAW, CUPE