Thursday, May 31, 2007

Catalyst Paper laying off 185 at Port Alberni operation

Vancouver Sun
Catalyst Paper said Wednesday it is shutting down one of two paper machines at Port Alberni, laying off 185 people in the Vancouver Island community and eliminating another 130 jobs across the company.


Anonymous said...

The poster says it all! You would have to be crazy to think that CLAC style deals would save jobs. Guys are better off to make the money while they can and protect what they already have. The new CMAW way is really just the old CLAC way. Anybody who agrees should do something to help stop it NOW!

Anonymous said...

I agree and have been going around telling everyone why we need to get rid of the Coles crew and start talking to the International again. CEP just wants us for dues because they are going broke anyway.

Anonymous said...

going back to the international - not f**king likely, anyway, the catlayst sellout agreement is still and allways be a piece if underhanded shit that sold out cep members as well as construction members. How coles is still feeding from the CEP trough is beyond me. This is not the time to take cuts its the time to make up for all those years of no pay increases.