Friday, April 13, 2007


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The largest organizing campaign in the history of CEP’s Western Region is underway and our target is the construction industry. Our goal is to become a dominant player in construction by implementing a new approach to union organizing.

Our efforts are underway and have already produced results. CEP has a major role in the construction of the Horizon oil sands project in Alberta.
! Horizon is an $11 billion dollar development being constructed by Canadian Natural Resources Limited in the tar sands region near Fort McMurray.
! CEP has signed a contract covering up to 700 workers in all trades who will build the extractor component at the megaproject.
! CEP has recently brokered a deal with Horizon and the Quebec labour federation’s construction wing (FTQ) that will see hundreds of Quebec tradespeople hired on for the project.
! By organizing workers during the project’s construction phase, CEP is better positioned to organize plant workers when Horizon goes into operation. We currently represent about two thousand workers at the Suncor oil sands plant north of Fort McMurray.
! In addition, Edmonton-based CEP Local 777 has organized upgrading and maintenance workers with JVD Mill Services and other oil sands project work.

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