Monday, April 09, 2007

Millwright ballot asks members to put UBCJA back on dance card

click to download the letter in PDF format:
March 28th 2007 Letter to All Members
Local 2736, Surrey BC
"As our affiliation with CMAW was revoked, the Executive Board of Millwrights' Local 2736 has re-evaluated our position regarding our present status with the International. Through dialogue with the International an agreement to recognize our distinctivenes in the restructuring process has been reached and in turn has alleviated the concerns that forced us to leave the organization originally.

The Executive Board unanimously endorses the AGREEMENT. They also feel that the final approval of re-affiliation should be left to the membership to decide.

Therefore, please fill out the ballot as per instructions

Sincerely Yours, Brian Zdrillic, Business Manager"


Anonymous said...

Bravo to the Millwrights!
To think that CLACMAW was going to hold onto the millwrights with that CLACKY JV drivers pulp fiction agreement...ha hah ha!
Clacmaw is WORSE than any international will be....we got OUR agreement to autonomy!

Anonymous said...

you got nothing, Brian is leading the once proud millwrights to ruin. You will have nothing left

Anonymous said...

Brian besides being a pathologigal liar, is just taking care of himself with his International Pension, this not about automy this about Brian and his girlfriend Frank looking after themselfs

Anonymous said...

well if the carpenters were offered the same deal that the millwright just got we would have been better off

Anonymous said...

Ya I think you are right. If we were offered the same deal back then - 100:1 we would still be be paying dues to the yanks.

Anonymous said...

It is really a simple equation. Even a Clac.E.P dummy, could figure it out while drunk or high. Sellout Mill agreements + Clac style union = The look on the Kingsway creeps faces - PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It looks like young coles could be out of a job. What is Dad going to do now?

Anonymous said...

Na na na nahh hey hey GOOD BYE!
I think that's what local 1995 RATS are hearing when they look at there pension and benefits FUNDS this time next year!
Good luck in NOVEMBER when you need help AGAIN!

Anonymous said...

CMAW is DEAD with no Millwrights!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say cmaw is dead without the millwrights, but we all would have been better off had we been under the same umbrella. If coles and company had not sold out cmaw in the save the pulpmills at the expense of everything that the bcpc has achieved through many years of hard bargaining. How could the millwhights reps go to there members and say cmaw is a good thing and by the way they want you to take a four dollar an hour paycut. and you ask yourselves why the millwrights left. I think everyone knows by now what relly happened.

Anonymous said...

So CMAW/CEP screws the millwrights and forces them back to the International. What next? Do the millwrights come after CMAW contractors to decertify? Sounds about right. Way to go - a house divided will fall.

Anonymous said...

cmaw has alot of millwrights with out 2736, how do think Driver is doing shutdowns with 300-500 workers, Driver is about to pick up other work, Rumor has it that Cep has sercured the COGEN at cnrl it is a huge jobsite that will need many millwrights and carpenters

Anonymous said...

If any body thinks that the millwrights are going to be better off with the international.The international is a spent force in canada, and the growth in the us is in the south where their are no unions the international has not grown in canada and is losing members.

Anonymous said...

B.C. is still in Canada, and the international is growing here. ClacMAW will continue losing members to the UBCJA just like the Millwrights, one step at a time. The INTERNATIONAL BOOGEY-MAN won't work on us anymore, we tried your Clac ways and they are wrong. Can you guess which Carpenters Local is next? just wait and see because it is already to late.

Anonymous said...

obviously the last comment comes from a ubcja paid lackley.

Anonymous said...

CAST now thats a rat union, with a rat agrreeement

Anonymous said...

Resistance is not futile, it is necessary
1400 Members leave the UBCJA in Canada

"Right now, we are rebuilding this union. We're rebuilding because we let it go for the better part of two decades. We're rebuilding because if we don't we're going to be back on the street, competing carpenter against carpenters for who will work cheapest and under the worst conditions."

UBCJA General President Douglas J. McCarron, from "Editorial" page 4, The Carpenter Magazine, September 1998

It was these words that I cautiously believed in 1998 when I was serving the UBCJA as its Alberta Director of Organizing in Edmonton.

One year earlier the International had placed the UBCJA Locals in Alberta under trusteeship on the grounds that they were broken and focused too much on politics and not enough on carpenter issues, such as raising wages and "increasing market share."

At the time I, along with a cadre of close colleagues, bought the company line and believed that UBCJA's all-powerful restructuring campaign would result in real improvements in the lives of carpenters.

But it didn't happen like it said it would in the Carpenter Magazine.

While McCarron's vision may have been repeated from the mouths of his loyal soldiers, like robots touting Borg messages from the mothership, it was, I learned, only shallow political spin from American communications consultants.

Two years into the Alberta restructuring its was clear to me that the UBCJA was just shuffling the chairs on the Titanic and not navigating itself around the impending collision with an iceberg full of assaults from government and employers.

Instead, the only tangible results of union restructuring in Alberta were labour board hearings that dealt with applications from members who were either trying to decertify from the union or fighting expulsion from the union because they were dissidents.

This July marks the 10th anniversary of the International's trusteeship and restructuring of Alberta and yet last week the union faced no less than 3 major decertification applications from members working for key contractors; such as Nyhoff Construction -- the only local union contractor remaining in Lethbridge, the third largest city in Alberta.

Plus almost the entire unionized roofing industry that the UBCJA represents in Canada, totalling around 1,200 members at peak, chose to decertify or switch unions. The requests from members to become non-union are shocking because they are not efforts to "raid" themselves into another union, they are efforts from members who say they would rather risk being non-union than remain UBCJA members. 300 members of the UBCJA in Fort St. John, BC, recently chose to join a Canadian Union, CUPE.

Add to this the obvious fact that the UBCJA union density in Northern Alberta has decreased in the past 10 years, despite the region experiencing the biggest construction boom in the entire world in the same period.

I am not saying that CMAW and the CEP are perfect. What I am saying is that our structure has produced positive results that can be proven -- and they are not results twisted by spin doctors.

We have collective agreements on Alberta projects that result in real dispatches for BC members with schedules and travel conditions that are better than any UBCJA Alberta agreement. We have BC members protected by union representatives that are accountable to CMAW here in British Columbia, not International drones accountable to Washington, DC. We have training funds that help BC members directly, not the training schools in Las Vegas.

These positive results all occurred within the first year of CMAW and CEP organizing their first collective agreement in Alberta.

As McCarron said above, we do risk being thrown back into the street, "competing carpenter against carpenter," if we do not do something about our union problems. However, my agreement with him ends when I say it is CMAW that has the made-in-Canada solution that will succeed -- for real.

Anonymous said...

Jan why don't you stop copying and pasting the same old crap over and over again.

Anonymous said...

CMAW kicked the millwrights out, I dont think jan cares wheathwer they go back or not

Anonymous said...

jann told me several years ago, even before driver that the Millwrights were not committed to cdn autonomy and were only along for ride to improve Brians chances of being carpenters president (WHICH HE TRIED AND LOST)THEN SEVERAL MONTHS BACK JANN TOLD ME THAT THE CARPENTERS MAG HAD DONE AN INTEWRVIEW WITH BRIAN

Anonymous said...

thats funny, the Carpentre mag had a photo op and interview with Jann in Sept/Oct 1`999 page 12 and aqwarded him Organiser of the Year for his efforrts in Alberta. What goes around, goes around.

Anonymous said...

The Milwrights are more fucked than they ever where.
Zdrillic has secured his pension the rest of us can go fuck ourselves.
Theres more members of 2736 working CLAC, Non Union, CMAW, or on permnit to other Unions, than are working under 2736"s agreement
so don't bullshit us Brian, you sold out, don't try to justify or pretty it up. For once be honest with yourself and the members.

Anonymous said...

Quit whining about not having an international pension you clac fucks. Clac is not an international union it is a company union, just like Cmaw (the C stands for Clac and/or Cocksuckers). Dilussional bastards, you honestly believe just because you set up a rat bag company man association that you are a threat to the UBCJA. If this is how Canadian Autonomy is supposed to work than god bless the USA.

Anonymous said...

sounds like the kingsway rats sure are jealous over someone other than themselves earning an international pension from a powerful union like the carpenters. no matter what the numbers were in the 70s still well over 500 000 members today. fucking clacmaw is like a fart in a mitt compared to the UBC and will never have that kind of power. dave coles would let josh suck george bush's dick to fly on air force 1 anyday of the year. go build another overpass in quebec you fucking scabs.

Anonymous said...

whigh do doo most of the bullsjht get put up here about the millwrihgts during the day when all the cmaws are supposed to be hard on at the work? must be all the cmaw agents/net nerds spendin the moneyz budweizerly

Anonymous said...

Real issue is ClacMAW sucks, the International is not the issue
It is just a handy tool to take the focus off the real issue
That being of course how far back in time the ClacEP has taken us
A few years ago we were recgonized as tradesmen
We belonged to the trade union which started it all
Today we are lower than Clac
We are ClacMAW considered the absolute bottom of the barrel
We are victims of not only pension mismanagement, but also identity theft
Once proud tradesmen, today find themselves scorned as Clac company men
CEP has its fingers into everything and don't give a fuck what we work for long as the dues are coming in
We belong with a trade union not a Clac style sweatshop union
Ripe with nepotism and lead by incompetance
We have tried the rest and think it is time to go back to the best

Anonymous said...

If I were in the ubcja i would be really worried about my pension they are going under next they are hevily invested in retrocom


Thursday, January 12, 2006 Page B20


A flood of redemptions has forced a Toronto labour-sponsored fund to freeze almost $50-million, yet another nasty surprise for the troubled asset class.

Retrocom Growth Fund Inc. took the surprising step of suspending redemption payments on Dec. 23 after a stampede of large and small investors wishing to exit its real estate development fund. The freeze affects about 21,000 investors, including a handful of institutions that have each invested a minimum of $1-million.

The 10-year-old labour-sponsored fund (LSF) holds interests in bowling alleys, ice rinks, residential developments and the underperforming Retrocom Mid-Market Real Estate Investment Trust.

The fund will meet its obligations to investors by selling off assets to the highest bidder, spokesman Paul McKenna said. "The strategy going forward is to raise the cash through the disposition of properties. The board is meeting regularly to assess the situation, look at the properties, evaluate which ones to be disposed of, and in which order."

Mr. McKenna blamed the Ontario government's plan to unwind its tax credit benefiting LSFs for Retrocom's liquidity crunch. Ontario residents who invest $5,000 and have owned a fund for eight years receive a 30-per-cent combined provincial and federal tax credit.

But on Sept. 30 last year, the province said it would shrink its 15-per-cent credit over the next five years, and end it by 2011. The news affects more than 40 Ontario LSFs, which collectively have about $3-billion in assets under management.

"People are looking at it and saying 'I would rather redeem than wait to see what happens," Mr. McKenna said. "The outlook for raising capital in the labour-sponsored sector is not all that positive. The new cash flow into the fund is not going to be anything anybody will be happy with."

Several LSF funds contacted disagreed, reporting the future end of the Ontario credit has had little effect on business. For example, the $200-million VentureLink Group of Funds of Toronto reports a "very small redemption return rate" and "a positive reception" from financial advisers, managing partner John Varghese said.

Ontario's decision has meant "zero impact" on redemptions and fund flows at Vengrowth Capital Partners Inc., managing director David Ferguson said. The Toronto firm manages more than $1.1-billion in LSF funds.

"Size does matter in this sector, from the ability to consistently raise money, to get access to better-quality deal flow, to hiring the best investing talent," he said.

David Levi, president and chief executive officer of GrowthWorks Capital Ltd., the Vancouver-based manager of about $850-million in funds, described Retrocom as an LSF anomaly. The fund's real estate portfolio has limited upside, and its large institutional following lent itself to liquidity problems, he said.

"Their situation is quite different than everybody else," he said, predicting more consolidation. [Ontario's changes] have caused a lot of smaller funds to realize they are not growing fast enough, and they have got to start looking to be acquired."

Nevertheless, Retrocom's decision to end redemptions is another black eye for the sector. Returns in the tech-dominated asset class have been weak, and small investors are expected to lose millions because of the alleged mismanagement of Winnipeg's Crocus Investment Fund.

Thunder bay financial adviser Michael Morrow suggests avoiding the asset class. He fears Retrocom may be the first of many LSFs to face a cash crunch if and when investors choose to exit. "The real key issue is: For the people buying now, what is going to be left? Without the tax credits, the contributions are certainly going to be less."

Anonymous said...

Brian your pension may not be that secure!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Copy and paste up some more stories about a fund that clac and cep lost the members pension money in from over a year and a half ago. How about a copy and paste job on the pension investment mismanagement of the BCPCC. The UBCJA invests in American Funds anyway dumbass. Half a Million Strong - Proud to be UBC

d@ve said...

Not necessarily true bro, seems the EST of St. Louis is off to China where a pile of there pension money is invested:

Carpenters leader hammers at other unions' attitude
By Repps Hudson

Terry Nelson didn't get to be executive secretary-treasurer of the 22,000-member Carpenters' District Council of Greater St. Louis by hiding his light under a bushel. At times he can be brash and provocative, and he peppers his conversation with one curse word after another. Nelson also can be tender and gentle and has a sentimental streak. He cares passionately about the future of the St. Louis area and its economic place in the global marketplace. On Thursday, he flew to China to visit Shanghai and Beijing, two cities where the carpenters' pension fund has invested its members' retirement funds.

Anonymous said...

Frankie the dwarf's treatment of the brother from Alberta, is just a glimpse of things to come for members of the Ilwrights under the initernational. Frank called him every kind of scum for trying to feed his family in Alberta and refused to take dues from him. Elevator shoes don't make the man Frank.

Anonymous said...

Boo hoo for the CLAC RAT from alberta who could'nt get a wittle job in BC!
Why did'nt da wittle CLAC RAT stay there? Maybe JV DUHRIVERS did'nt even want him....LOL
So sad to least he does'nt turn away potential apprentices away like DUH RANDY CUM BREATH SMITH.