Thursday, April 12, 2007

Carpenters return to work after big win

Daily Commercial News
Twenty carpenters from Tower Scaffold of Toronto are on a permanent “high” after winning $19.3 million in April 4’s Lotto 6/49 draw.


Anonymous said...

Everybody complains about there job, "I hate my fucking job" or "My job is driving me fucking crazy" Personally I don't give a fuck if there are people out of work, I hate my fucking job! Then how often have you heard or said, "I wish I could win the lottery", right after any of the fore mentioned statements. You know the first fucking thing I would do if I won the lottery. I'd walk right up to the bosses office and I'd kick that fucking door in and I wouldn't even knock. Then I'd walk in and grab him by that yellow thirty dollar tie he wears every single day and pull him up really close to my face and say, "You can take a long hard suck of my cock, and that goes for that mouthy fucking wife of yours too!" You got a better chance of getting rectal cancer than winning the lottery. Last time they calculated the odds of winning, they concluded you have better odds on getting hit with a Soviet satellite than winning the lotto. Fast money always screws up the family anyway. A guy wins a few million and all the aunts and uncles go around saying cheap cunt wins millions and all he gives us is ten thousand, "After all we did for his mother when she was sick." What bugs me the most is the guys who keep the same job, and reply when asked if they will quit those jobs and say, "Oh no, I'll be back shovelin shit, just like I was yesterday, you know same asshole I always was." Just an asshole with millions of dollars.

Anonymous said...

wow buddy lighten up