Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Resistance is not futile, it is necessary

click for full text by Jan Noster - CMAW - Latest News
'Right now, we are rebuilding this union. We're rebuilding because we let it go for the better part of two decades. We're rebuilding because if we don't we're going to be back on the street, competing carpenter against carpenters for who will work cheapest and under the worst conditions.'

UBCJA General President Douglas J. McCarron, from 'Editorial' page 4, The Carpenter Magazine, September 1998

It was these words that I cautiously believed in 1998 when I was serving the UBCJA as its Alberta Director of Organizing in Edmonton.


Anonymous said...

Well, this is interesting Jan, but it seems to me that some of your tactics, as well as those of Dave Coles et al, are not so different than the International. You will have to do a lot more to convince me that your current direction is a positive one for BC carpenters.

Anonymous said...

PCL gone, Dominion gone, Farmer gone, Campbell gone, Lather industry gone, Driver gone to CEP, etc., membership gone and more leaving

Anonymous said...

Who cares about Alberta? What about B.C. we are sick of having to go to Alberta for work. Why didn't Jan organize anything here at home in the last few years. They sign up with Clac over there and brag about getting work!? That move only lowered the bar for everybody. No wonder they fired him.

Anonymous said...

Did'nt you know Jan could not organize a circle jerk in a round room.First if you want to organize men they have to respect you and the union you belong to.Lets see who we are dealing with.Jan Noster
Randy Smith Bill Duck Len Embree and all the other minions too minor to mention.All these morons did was get into a pissing match with the international this cost the members of 1995 millions of dollars they will never get back.They destroyed the apprenticeship program.They gave the companys control of the hiring board. This taking away all the power the union had over these companys the drywall companys most of all.they destroyed the pension fund by half and are still working on the other half. now exactly what is Noster going to offer the nonunion sector. Worst conditions then they put up with now.You people are a joke before you can offer union membership you have to have a union.