Sunday, February 18, 2007

Journeyperson Scaffolders Required Immediately

download the PDF at the CEP 470 & 777 benefits page
CEP Local 777 is looking for experienced Journeyperson Scaffolders for long-term work with JVD Mill Services Inc. at the Horizon Oil Sands Project, 80 kms west of Fort McMurray, Alberta.

The schedule for BC workers at the site is 20 days straight, eight days home. The employer provides free charter flights from Vancouver directly to the site and camp.

The hours of work are 10 hours per day, with all hours after the seventh paid at the overtime rate of time and a half. In the first and last two days of the cycle (four days in total), the overtime rate starts at the sixth hour.

Two hundred hours in the cycle are guaranteed as a minimum. Safety bonuses are paid quarterly by automatic deposit.

There are two Alberta government requirements to working on the project: (1) All members must pass a urine drug test administered and paid for by CNRL; and (2) All members must pass the Alberta Construction Safety Training System (CSTS) course, which is a four-hour computer-guided interactive session conducted at the CEP training centre in Vancouver. This course must be completed before leaving Vancouver for the job site.

For further information, please email Josh Coles at the address below.
Josh Coles, Representative
CEP Western Region
jcoles(at symbol)


Bill Wonka said...

Well, fore sure Randi and Jan wont qualify, even if they could see their tool belt!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

yeah they would both need a clean urine sample to get on site
neither of them could pass the piss test if they could find it

Anonymous said...

This is big oil's rip off of canadian tradesmen. CNRL steals overtime from workers on their site and covers this up by lying deceitful practises. Workers should receive 30 hours overtime per week as they would in BC ie) working 70 hours per week. In reality workers receive only 21 hours at time and a half per week. Further workers are not paid for 3 overtime hours on their travel day home even though they are required to stay on site.
Workers are not paid Union pension benefits and double time which amounts to $1500per week. For this $4000+ that CNRL pockets from each worker, over a 20 day period, a $260 dollar flight is provided.
While big oil makes record profits they offer 0% wage
increases. CNRL, Suncor's Firebag, Esso's Kearl Lake Etc. complain that they can not man their projects and ask for more foreign workers. This is because canadian citizens refuse to suffer the hardships of these fly in work camps . These companies won't pay them what it's worth to live with poor accommodation, often unsafe working conditions, and isolation from family and friends.