Thursday, February 01, 2007

It's open season for union raids

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Contractors fear labour chaos as former Universal Workers Union Local 183 boss Tony Dionisio seems set to raid his former organization and others as open season begins.

With the three year collective agreement terms expiring April 30, the law allows for a three month “open season” starting today, concurrent with negotiations during which time a union may apply to represent workers.

For his part, Dioniso denies he has raids in mind, but evidence from other sources seems to indicate the fledgling Canadian Construction Workers Union (CCWU) is already moving in that direction.

“We’re not worried because we know the membership of Local 183 is disgusted at the former leadership and they have no intention of following such a despicable character,” said Joseph Mancinelli, Canadian general manager of the Laborers International Union of North America (LIUNA).

“We’ve had our ear to the ground with our members and we’re certain of that.”

He called Dionisio’s denials he was planning to raid Local 183 for members, “absurd.”

“He says he has no intentions of raiding but in front of the OLRB at least one of the companies already has agreements with other unions or did under their previous names and the law says there are successor rights” said Mancinelli.

Last Friday, the Ontario Labour Relations Board set March 19 as a hearing date into the CCWU’s attempts to certify as the union representing PBS General Contractors. While there are only three members of the bargaining unit, it’s a key test case which will establish whether the CCWU can become a bona fide union.

The United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners says it already has a collective agreement in place with the predecessor companies, Target Drywall and Acoustics Ltd. which was sold to Tabrco Management Ltd. The Carpenters argue PBS is in fact the same business, “working out of the same premises, sharing telephone and facsimile numbers and have key persons in common.”


Anonymous said...

N.J. man gets U.S. union post
From: New Jersey Regional Council
Date: 03 Feb 2007
Time: 06:38:59 -0500

A New Jersey union leader who managed to negotiate a five-year deal with the famously union-averse Wal-Mart Stores Inc. will become a vice president of the national United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America. In his new job as eastern district vice president, Frank Spencer, 56, of Haddonfield, will be in charge of 120,000 union carpenters in New England and the Mid-Atlantic region, from Maine to West Virginia. He has been executive secretary treasurer for the New Jersey Regional Council, the top carpenters union job in the state. The New Jersey regional council represents 18,000 carpenters. Tom Canto, of Forked River in Ocean County, will replace Spencer in New Jersey. In 2005, Spencer negotiated a five-year deal with Wal-Mart, which agreed to have its stores be union-built. In turn, "we actively lobby at planning boards and zoning boards for projects that benefit our members," Spencer said. That put the carpenters union at odds with other unions, which have vigorously opposed Wal-Mart and regularly shown up for protest rallies at stores around the country. In New Jersey, union carpenters don't join them, Spencer said. He had to have frank talks with other union leaders about his union's stance, he said. "This is a bread-and-butter issue for us," he said. "These buildings are going to get built one way or the other, and as far as I am concerned, they are going to get built with union carpenters." Spencer said he hoped to work on similar projects with builders and developers throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic region. "His vision for expanding the union and his commitment to working in partnership with industry has been a great asset, and will benefit... members in the eastern region," union president Douglas McCarron said in a statement announcing the appointment. In his new job, Spencer will travel frequently to the union's national headquarters in Washington, but his office will be in Haddonfield. That is where he has a contract with his wife, Geri. Last summer, he built an addition to the garage, and, before that, he remodeled the kitchen. "My wife makes a list, and I follow directions," Spencer said. "When she wants something done, she goes to the carpenter she knows the best, and he's a pretty good carpenter."

Freddy Fenderbender said...

Good old Doug and the boys, helping Walmart to make China the number 1 superpower by sending every Yankee greenback over to buy more poorly made plastic junk for our landfills, way to go New Jersey!