Thursday, February 15, 2007

CEP Alberta: New Unit Formed at Local 777

CEP Western Region News - Feb. 07 pdf
Jan Noster the president of the Construction, Maintenance and Allied Workers ( C.M.A.W. ) recently met with new members of CEP Local 777 who are also a part of his group. Attending the meeting as well was Terry Dekker, President of Local 777.

This unit is quite unique as many of the members are a part of the Quebec Federation of Labour (FTQ) construction wing. They are filling much needed positions at Horizon Construction site in Fort McMurray as a result of an agreement between the FTQ and CEP. There was a large turnout at the meeting with translation provided by one of the members.

Don MacNeil brought greetings from the National Executive and welcomed the new members into CEP. Jan Noster spoke of the great relationship CEP has with the FTQ and how he wants this relationship to continue to grow. First order of business was electing an interim executive. Several members put their names forward and elections were held. The new executive was sworn in by Brother MacNeil.

While in Fort McMurray, Jan Noster also met with Dave Drummond , President of CEP Local 707, and the executive to talk informally about what CMAW has planned for the Fort McMurray area.


Anonymous said...

In his first newsletter, our President asks "Where do we go from here?" Well, that's a no-brainer: the current, appointed, CMAW executive stops dragging its feet, gets the new constitution out to the members for a vote, and then calls for a convention complete with real elections. The MEMBERS then VOTE in officers and an executive. The members CHOOSE their leaders, and do not simply put up with CEP appointees.

Or is the current executive afraid to face the members in a real election? Hmmm, I wonder.

Anonymous said...

Fact #1
CMAW has had a Constitution from day 1.

Fact #2
Only CEP has appointees on exec.

Fact #3
all other exec. members are elected from their respective industry or area.

If you want to belive the bullshit that crazy George spun, go right ahead. While you'r at it phone the Irly BIrd in PG maybe he can get you a deal on a 2x4.

How the mighty do fall.

Anonymous said...

none of the above is true - sounds like more shuckin' and jivin' from the unelected Rupert BA that always votes the CEP line

Anonymous said...

I didn't write it but it's true.

Anonymous said...

The current CMAW constitution? You mean the eight page document? You think that is a proper and sufficient constitution? -- ha, ha, too funny!

And the "elected executive"? Oh come on, even the Carpenter magazine knew that a couple of members were appointed because they held the "right views". LOL.

Anonymous said...

If there was a "legitimate" CMAW constitutoin than how did the first CMAW (aka CLACMAW)convention get VOTED DOWN due to fact there was "NO" legitimate constitution in place. HMMMMMMMM HOW DUMB CAN THEY BE???

Anonymous said...

Don't go away bitter Brian, just go away

Anonymous said...

Why do you say that? Because he is a thorn in your side? Because he sees through the smoke and mirrors and knows what is going on? Because without him and his local the numbers would be better for you? Because he thinks the members of CMAW should have a say in who runs their union? And in what direction it should go? Because he believes in democracy?

Or all of the above?