Thursday, January 11, 2007

Alberta: Labour Camp expected in ’07

Mayerthorpe Freelancer, Mayerthorpe, AB
I think there is a misunderstanding as to what [the labor camp] is and what it will bring to our community,’ he said. “There is a huge labor shortage in this area and you can bring people in but then there is no place for them to live.”

Not that Wiseman is exempted from the housing or labor shortage in this project. Finding units to use in the Mayerthorpe project is proving to be an issue after he used his acquired units for the Blue Ridge project.

“It’s the chicken or the egg,” he said. “Find the units, find the workers.’

Not that Wiseman is the one who has found the workers for the camps; he has a specialized agent working with him in the Philippines to recruit based on their employer’s specific needs. Some must haves for the Canadian government are a clean criminal record, bill of health and proven skills.


Anonymous said...

Someone tell all the campies to better watch out for the Ether Bunny. He will visit that camp some night when its really cold out and sneak into a room to chloroform and force anal intercourse on anyone who leaves his door unlocked. This is common in the northern part of Alberta. Lately Cnrl has had some incidents like this at their camp. A couple of Jv Driver guys from the lower mainland were knocked out in their sleep and sexually assaulted. When they failed to show up for work, security kicked in there doors and discovered them passed out and naked, with shitty condems hanging out of their ass. Clac demanded that Driver guys be provided with reusable corks to prevent this from ever happening again!

Anonymous said...

Yah I heard Josh Coles was unfit to test the cork prototype because his asshole was so worn out trying to keep up with clac. He spends most of his time now on light duty, under a desk somewhere giving blowjobs for time and a half and no pension.

allcustom said...
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