Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Labour tug-of-war

Irving Oil is poised to launch a $7-billion expansion at its Saint John refinery, a project that needs 5,000 construction workers and 1,000 permanent staff.
It all sounds familiar.
Just what we needed.
Tough competition for labour.

A labour tug of war: Go West for the jobs - Financial Post
The latest salvo was a glossy-covered, 40-page publication distributed this month in Alberta's major cities that was supported by provincial governments and major employers in Atlantic Canada. Created by a company owned by New Brunswick's powerful Irving family and titled Come Home to a career in Atlantic Canada, the publication pits Alberta's high cost of living and stressful cities against Atlantic Canada's affordable housing and laid-back lifestyle.

'The price of seafood is significantly higher in Alberta,' the publication points out. 'Fresh cultivated mussels, for example, cost $1.69 a pound at Sobey's in Moncton, and $3.38 at Sobey's in Calgary, and Atlantic Canadians know there is nothing like these delicious tastes of home.'

Add the exorbitant cost of housing in Alberta, which is sometime triple the cost of a similar house in New Brunswick, and the cost of living in the East starts to far outweigh any salary differences.'

The publication was put together partly in response to similar brochures recently circulated in Atlantic Canada by Western Canadian provinces and employers.

Both regions of Canada are fighting for the same skilled workers to support growth.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Christmas is over but why am I thinking about Dave Coles??? Fuck I HATE that! DAVE- If you luv the TAR SANDS/JV Drivers and the lowest common denominator collective agreements so much why don't you and Josh 'et la totale famile' PLAN a little holiday to SPA together in the coke dust and relax in the effluent of the refined tar slag?? So much for globla warming!!

Vive Louis Riel!!!!