Sunday, November 19, 2006

WCB 'rogue state'

Politicians, injured workers and their advocates are demanding the provincial government launch a public inquiry into Alberta's Workers' Compensation Board.
'The WCB is operating like a rogue state within the Alberta government. We've known for a long time about the complaints workers have had with the board, but to see so much substantiated? Its behaviour is just unconscionable.'


Anonymous said...

WCB in Alberta is a joke, I worked on a couple of industrial jobs in alberta and the only thing that was a bigger joke than the health and safety was the worksite inspections done by WCB.

Anonymous said...

Alberta sounds like it is as bad as BC. Don't get injured in BC - you'll likely get screwed.

Anonymous said...

Hi my handle is the drywallrocker and i can tell you that if you are injured on a job site in BC the wcb will definately trie to screw you.The working class of this country had better wake up. Everyone is involved they want to class construction workers as temperary workers so that they do not have to pay out at the proper to your fellow workers let them know what going on so that they can ask questions and learn how to protect themselves.