Thursday, November 09, 2006

JVD - Catalyst: An Obscene Love Story...

CEP 1123 Online
Finally, the cat is out of the bag. those of us who thought that the JVD debacle on the recovery cyclone job during the July mill down was going to turn the most obscene love story in our labour history into a bad dream are dead wrong.

They're BAAACK..... 1000 man-days for demolition work in the mill (Mostly #3 PB and precipitator). Our forceful push-back at the CIC table got us the following answer: This is $1,000,000 that is being pushed down from Vancouver head office. There is no option like improvements that would increase reliability, or production, or quality. You get this or you get nothing, while the head office is telling JVD yes dear, you sort of disappointed me on the first try, but here is a million dollar blue pill.

The way that the Kraft Mill has turned itself around is a credit to all the people involved. Some reports would have you believe that it was a gathering of great minds that made it possible. Ideas and great plans are realized by OUR HANDS.?

JVD gets a million, you get a golf shirt.?
Wear it with pride.


Anonymous said...

I hate golf shirts but would like an update on the cmaw situation as rumor has it that further injunctions are in place. What does this mean for the drywallers being raided by Tony from the painters he says 6 contractors are going to be raided anyday now. They should have left Jan in there he spent time in jail because he fought for the union and he wouldn't let the painters rape our asses. I can't believe construction here is only 9% union and the best we can do is poach off other jurisdiction. Its really sad hopefully CMAW will be able to use the big organizing funds of the CEP to defend us not just from mac but all the other building trades and clac. Tony told me that the provincial council mismanaged our pension and left the drywallers for dead. Which I find hard to believe except for the pension part which everbody knows since we have had organizers for years out in the field.

Anonymous said...

lol the organizers in the field were to busy fishing and watching strippers to worry about lowlife drywallers bringing in the cep was there only job and we paid for it jan went to jail for the union? cmon bro he snatched a purse from an old lady in calgary lol still laughing man thats funny went to jail for the union lmao