Sunday, October 08, 2006

TALES OF PULP FICTION: CEP'd on from above


Anonymous said...

PLEASE!! Take your coles mind control helmets off before its to late guys. King Coles has used his kid as a propaganda mole inside our council for years. Promoting fear and hate in order to isolate us and give us nowhere else to turn. So that one day he could deliver us to daddy. This plan has been in the works for years and aided by low life organizers and reps who need a hyped up platform of lack of democracy to get elected on. Now our work is gone because they didn't bother to organize, our pension is cut because they mismanaged it. Our new union is so democratic that we didn't even have to vote for the president who is a convicted armed robber. But he paid his debt to society so that means he is totally honest and would never steal anything except a pay check. Unless we get our brothers to wake up these crooks and the cep will bust us out! Destroy our credit and crediblity while under cutting our agreements. The mills will keep closing and the unemployed operators will be funneled into construction only to work for clac like agreements as semi skilled worers. Dave and friends believe the only way to get the work is to work for less, they say its the only way. These visionaries are in stark contrast to what our fore fathers envisioned. The real carpenters who taught us to stick with our union and each other. They would kick a Coles ass up one hill and down another for pushing clac ways on us. Coles and co. believe that if work goes over seas for fifty cents an hour we can get it back by working for a quarter. Our fore fathers believed in organizing workers and improving wages and working conditions. Not selling out to corporations. Get your friends, family and co workers out to picket the convention this weekend and tell CEP to shut up and fuck off!

Anonymous said...

Well said.