Monday, October 02, 2006

Suncor Satisfied With Foreign Workers

Suncor Satisfied With Foreign Workers - By Lynda Harrison, Nickle's Energy Group, Canada
The Philippine workers -- welders, ironworkers and pipe-fitters - at the Firebag onsite camp, about 40 kilometres northeast of Suncor's original oilsands plant, are on one-year visas, with the possibility of a one-year extension.

They were hired by Suncor contractor Flint Energy Services Ltd., by way of the federal government's temporary worker program.

'There's a fairly involved process,' said Brad Bellows, a Suncor spokesman. 'We have to work through a couple of levels of government,' he said in noting 'all of the qualifications of the workers have to be certified as being equivalent to Alberta standards through Alberta Learning. It's a fairly time-consuming process.'

The foreign workers are not unionized but are paid the same prevailing wages as unionized workers, said Bellows.


Anonymous said...

They pay to relocate Philipinos but not Candian citizens,, What bullshit.

Anonymous said...

if you from Eastern Canada they pay your way home. If you are the west here is 200 dollars have a nice day.