Saturday, October 28, 2006

IUOE Local 115 members remain united

IUOE Local 115 members remain united - Local 115, International Union of Operating Engineers June newsletter
We have seen some interesting developments on the labour front. The Carpenters Local 1598 tried to raid both our union and the Labourers Local 1611 at Farmer Construction Ltd. in Victoria. When the dust settled and the ballots were counted, the results were 31:2 in favor of staying with us and the Labourers. Congratulations to all those Operators and Labourers who definitely sent a clear message of “Leave us Alone!” to the Carpenters. It is amazing how much damage has been caused in the past few years by the fight between the Carpenters’ international union and provincial council. I cannot see how this has benefited anybody in the building trades either.

In another incident, the Communication, Energy and Paperworkers Union Local 470 (with ties to the provincial Carpenters) signed a Pulp and Paper Survival Agreement with JVD Mill Services Inc. A brand new local signed a brand new agreement with a brand new company to do all the maintenance work which was traditionally done by building trades affiliates. Amazingly, this collective agreement, covering Catalyst’s four mills on Vancouver Island and in Powell River, also prevents the Carpenters from working at these mills. However, we believe our members will still get work there under our collective agreements due to the fact that our contractors own the cranes, vacuum trucks and excavators.

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Anonymous said...

I have been a member of 115 for over 50 years, I remember when we did not get coffee breaks, and we had to fight for them. I have one beef with the 115 that is info on our Pension Fund, on the property we own 10% of our plan is in property and we can not get any answers out of them. Like are we getting money put back into our pntion fund from the property. We have a website we put up take a look.