Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Hochstein - acid reflux ad nauseum

Unions fight 'double-breasting' - By Jim Jamieson, The Province
Gary Kroeker, business manager of the International Union of Operating Engineers and president of the B.C. & Yukon Territory Building and Construction Trades Council, said the practice -- known as 'double-breasting' -- has been going on for a decade.

'Employers who had collective bargaining arrangements with building unions have seen fit to restructure and . . . end up starting a new company with no union obligations,' he said. 'In our opinion, the powers-that-be at the Labour Relations Board haven't used balance in the decisions made with a number of companies.'

But Phil Hochstein, president of the Independent Contractors and Businesses Association of B.C., said the unions like to blame others for their trouble.
'The real enemy isn't everybody else, it's their organizations. It's their non-productive work practices in their collective agreements, it's their featherbedding in their collective agreements,' he said.

Hochstein said the craft unions -- unions that represent workers with a specific skill, such as carpenters or boilermakers -- lost out while the industry and other unions were adapting over the past two decades.


Anonymous said...

Whether you agree with Hochstein or not the buyers of our labour have bought in to his argumaent.
Craft unionism is nearly dead and doomed to scavenge around for the bottom percentiles of the construction dollar spent.
The way out has been demonstrated to us by the success of the contractors signed to all employee agreements.

Anonymous said...

Like the success of CLAC you mean. Josh you are with out a doubt the poster boy for an abortion that lived. A parasite who sucks away the hope of decent working people. Your family dynasty will leave the legacy of "if its ok with CLAC than its ok with Coles" A simple search back to the June 25, 1999 OnTheLevel and the article titled clac: the sequel you are quoted as saying "Having a meaningful reason to join is crucial to the success of any union’s organizing program." or this little gem, " CLAC would simply outrun us by cutting their rate lower than ours and gaining more work. And, when times are tough, workers go where the work is.
But with the International, low-wage work is all we have to offer. We couldn’t offer membership input, membership control over collective agreements, membership involvement in all the affairs of the union.
We would be nothing better than CLAC: The Sequel.
You are the sequel and so is CMAW and your dad. What member involvement does CMAW have when all you CEP fags are appointed?What role did the members play in the fucked deal your daddy cut with the mills? You have nothing to offer except what CLAC already does. Providing rat contractors an inferior collective agreement to prevent rank n file unions from certifing. Phil Hochstein and Co Vanderlam must be your role models. You are a true scab at heart, anyone who reads your shit can clearly see that your only concern is an easy pay check. Time for you and your friends to go!