Thursday, October 19, 2006

CEP Convention Update #5

Tim Thompson - Viewpoint
Vice President
38,013 votes cast. 0 spoiled ballots.
Don Boucher - 17,175 votes. Don MacNeil - 20,838 votes. Don MacNeil is elected.

Administrative Vice President (Paper Sector)
An explanation: since Don MacNeil is out of the Energy sector, the AVPs have to be from the other sectors. Wendy Sol was acclaimed in the Communications sector. Keith Barrington was eliminated from running because he is also from the energy sector. A candidate defeated in a higher office is eligible to step down and run which is what Don Boucher did.37,374 votes cast. 199 spoiled ballots.

Don Boucher - 22, 350 votes. Bob Hughf - 14,824 votes. Don Boucher is elected.

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Anonymous said...

With Don Macneil as vp doesnt this not put the cep in a conflict when negotions start in 08 as how can he represent the paper side and the constrution side. When we are trying to reduce contracting out but yet the cep represnts Jv Drivers also. Grumpy cep 1119