Saturday, September 30, 2006

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"Forward Look Article - March" 2 Comments
The preferred contractor JVD Mill Services and the agreement with CEP local 470 CMAW, is a sellout for all mill workers, the contracting out language in the agreement allows JVD to subcontract any and all work that they choose, with anyone they choose, non-union, CLAC etc.
The JVD agreement was negotiated behind closed doors with Dave Coles selling the farm. This agreement will be the pattern bargaining that we all have to live with, all thanks to Dave Coles.This sellout agreement was negotiated with no involvement from the union and i hear the CMAW partner the BC carpenters union are pissed as well.
Who does Dave Coles think he is?"


Anonymous said...

Yes david Coles and his snot nose kid have screwed the cep and the building trades. the CEP should stay away from the building trades. Doesnt Alberni in the earlies 90s count. When we stood side by side with the building trades, against TNL. Yes Im a Cep member and one who is pissed with David Coles. Maybe we should join the PPWC?

Anonymous said...

Yes DAVE COLES is a FAT RAT but don't worry CEP brothers we will take care of CMAW once the BCPCC convention is FINALLY dealt with next week (OCT.11).
I hope the kingsway BOYZ won't RUN away SCARED AGAIN this time since it's so close to HALLOWEEN......BOO!...oh look at them RATS!!!