Sunday, August 13, 2006

well oiled - assume the position


Anonymous said...

aww come on dave, Jan's head really isn't that big!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for nothing Josh CNRL sucks and the food is terrible. The camp might be brand new but it is full of black mold and everyone is sick. I thought we were supposed to get overtime on the weekend. This jv driver deal really sucks bad. We are just being used as scabs for CNRL. Now they got some of us replacing the scaffold crew who just voted for local 1325 and got laid off. CEP guys from BC with driver are being looked at worse than CLAC since that happened.I am quitting this shithole and going to see the hall in Fort Mac. Anyone reading this should do yourself a favor and don’t come to CNRL.

Brian Zdrilic said...

Hello Everyone. Just got back from holidays and thought i would visit the site. Yesterday i called the BCPC offices and the answering machine went on to tell me if i wanted to speak with Pat Haggarty, Jan Noster or Len Embree to leave a message.
I thought to myself when did Jan Noster start working for BC PC. The other though that came to mind was when did Len Embree start working for BC PC.
I feel like Rip Van Rinkle, sleep for 20 years and nothing changes. Brothers and Sisters, the alarm clock has gone off but alot of you have slept in.

O.K landslide you can respond after you have an epiphany or a joint.