Thursday, August 24, 2006

something rotten in the oil patch

Mould: Workers concerned about their safety - By RENATO GANDIA, Fort McMurray Today, Canada
Some camp workers staying at the Athabasca Lodge and Beaver River Lodge claim they are being left in the dark by the mould infestation in some buildings at the camps.

Mould was found months ago and PTI delayed responding to the situation, said James Mason and James Fletcher, union members who are employed with PTI.

PTI Group, which operates numerous camps in Fort McMurray and area, began addressing the mould problem in the building after Alberta Occupational Health and Safety inspected some of the rooms, the two said.

Our main concern is we don’t know what kind of health risk we have and how effective is their removal process,” said Mason, an electrician and member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW).

“We haven’t been told any information. In fact we are being left in the dark. We’re not being told the short-term and long-term health risk,” he said.

But Mason said he has seen PTI crews remove the walls infested with mould and some areas of the camp had been quarantined.

Still, he said, he wants to see results from the tests to find out what the health risks are.

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