Saturday, August 19, 2006

Man relives 'hell' in boiler

Survivor watched in horror as man baked to death - By RENATO GANDIA, Edmonton Sun, Canada
FORT MCMURRAY -- For about 40 minutes, carpenter apprentice Jeff McColl watched helplessly in unbearable heat as co-worker Michael Gauthier, 64, hanged limp in a harness inside a TransAlta boiler at the Suncor Energy site.

This was after almost two hours of being trapped inside the boiler the two were cleaning on Aug. 4.

At the same time, McColl was dealing with his own dehydration due to the heat and he was 'screaming for help.

'I was screaming for them to spray us with water from a fire hose. They never did,' McColl, 27, said from his hometown in Port Alberni, B.C.

McColl couldn't say what the temperature inside the boiler was, but 'it was the hottest I've ever been; it was hot as hell.'
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Anonymous said...

Jeff McColl needs to get his facts straight before he starts giving false information. It's funny that he knew everything that went on through the whole incident for someone who was unconscious. If it wasn't for the Suncor Emergency Services group going in there and saving his ass, he wouldn't be here today. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT BEFORE YOU FLAP YOUR LIPS!!

Anonymous said...

I just noticed your comment... get your head out of your ass. I was the one who went in and brought mike out of the boiler and I sure as hell dont work for emergency services or suncor... so fuck off you piece of shit. signed mack walker