Monday, August 21, 2006

"King" Coles' "Pulp Fiction" agreement ain't worth the pulp it's inked on

Catalyst announces temporary shut-down of Port Alberni groundwood facility - Canada NewsWire
"Efficiency and quality programs have driven the cost of de-inked pulp down to the point where it is now part of an interim solution for our highest cost production at Port Alberni," said Ron Buchhorn, senior vice president, operations. "We know an indefinite shut-down is tough on the 60 employees and families affected by layoffs and we continue to work with our unions on options that can make production at the mill viable for the long haul."

Employees are still finding ways to streamline operations, drive out costs and work smart, all of which contributes to the $300 million in performance improvements achieved in the past three years. Even so, the factors that led to the permanent closure of our No. 3 paper machine earlier this year are still there. It will take broad stakeholder support if we are to continue to outpace competitors in meeting future customer requirements for the paper grades made at Port Alberni,' Buchhorn said."

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I hate to say it but i told you so!