Sunday, August 27, 2006

Catalyst - eating your dinner for lunch

Island towns stare down Catalyst
Lefebure points out that the taxes represent only about one per cent of Catalyst's operating expenses, but they're the lifeblood of the communities that house the mills. Those communities, which have already endured sawmill closures, slowdowns in the fishing and mining industries and the loss of residents to more prosperous regions, say they just can't absorb the loss of millions in tax revenue.

Ken McRae, mayor of Port Alberni, said Catalyst just cut 60 jobs when it shut down the pulp facility in the mill there, and now is "suggesting if we don't want to lose more, we'd better do something."


Anonymous said...

If Catalyst was really serious about their financial position they would have gone to the municipalities for relief before stipping away the working conditions and wages of their employees(OUR MEMBERS!!!) with the cooperation of Dave Coles, Josh Coles, Jan Noster, Pat Haggarty and Len Embree in a backroom deal. To me seeing that Catalyst had a NET PROFIT of over $42 MILLION in the second quarter of 2006 alone I question the IQ of our leadership.

How is it sitting with you Len Embree and Pat Haggarty as you sit down to your dinner paid for by us???

Anonymous said...

Pat sold his local to the CEP. didnt tell them it was going to increase their dues by 27cents an hour per man.

Anonymous said...

well just looking at the 1995 newsletter and the ballot for affiliation to the CEP.

First off under the presidents message from Randy Smith,
Randy says that the executive board will be "giving" us the oportunity to vote on affiliation to the CEP,
gee thanks for the gift!

--Randy also said that the affilliation agreement will rid us of the UBCJA completely.
What a load of crap!
Our ability to rid ourselves from the international has been achieved through the transfer of our certifications to CMAW.
The affiliation agreement has NOTHING to do with canadian autonomy or ridding ourselves from the international.
--Randy then says that we will have access to the CEP $20 mill strike fund. BIG F**king deal
do the math.
The provincial council had a strike fund of $7 mill for 9000 members, paying members $250.00 per week
The CEP has a $20 mill strike fund for 130,000 members, paying members $200.00 after two weeks of being on strike.
--Randy says determination for growth in the construction industry across canada. say what?
--Randy then says that we will have access to three additional union reps for organizing.
Randy had 4 or 5 oganizers working at 1995 and still accomplished nothing, 30 more still wouldn't help Randy,

Quit trying to sell us out to the CEP Randy. read the affiliation agreement for what it is, a sellout to the CEP ask yourself what the CEP 3000 is about in the affiliation agreement.


Anonymous said...

some get bought out for there own benifit, me i work. not like josh yes my dad helped me too.but josh your not a carpenter,so dont negotiate on our behalf! cep is not for me.but what has cep got to offer ,hows there fund doing? not the coles fund . i mean the worker fund,....

A scared member said...

I came as a member of local 1995 to exercise my right to vote for the leadership of our union at the last elections. I arrived at 6:50 p.m.. As i entered the hall i said hello to a few brothers and proceeded to go to the balloting station. I was stopped by R. Smith's boys and told that it was 7;01 and that the voting has now been closed. How did they know i was going to vote for the other candidate. Rules are rules i understand that but what about the other discrepencies regarding the elections. Democray is great Randy when it works in your favour. I cant believe that you cant see what a looser you are

Anonymous said...

It is about time that we get with it. Stop this negative crap. CEP has much to offer and it is time to belong to a CANADIAN union. Fighting for it members, rank and file controled and will have no Coles in the western region any more.

Anonymous said...

CEP is going broke. They need $$$ to preserve the Coles dynasty. What is the point of a strike fund you will never use. When did you see clac go on strike last? Sweetheart deals for coldhearted corporations was clacs idea first. All the great deals made by Dave Coles, Josh Coles, and Jan Noster are for clac terms but CEP gets the dues. They don't care if it sets back our standards as long as they are hired paid staff and don't have to work. You would have to be smoking hydro dope grown in whiskey to think that clac contracts will improve anything. We have to send these doped up cocksuckers back to the tools, at least the smoke and stink will blow away working outside. Remember KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

Anonymous said...

I don't know where you getting your information Brother that CEP is going broke must be misinformation that your spreading. Learn from you COMMENT KNOWNLEDGE IS POWER... and do some research brother.

The standards have been set back by "cock*******" building trades that only want to keep their power and money going to the U.S.A. It is time for a CANADIAN CHANGE....

Anonymous said...

canadian change yes, CEP change no!

bob said...

You guys sound like a bunch of drunks arguing over which taxi company to use to take you to the party.

Anonymous said...

All of you disabled (enabled) jobs for a lot less than the driver agreement you better figure out what standards you are talking about