Monday, August 07, 2006

Alberta boom's cruel paradox & Klein's 'dinosaur farts'

Alberta boom's cruel paradox
THE DOWNSIDE - Homeless newcomers, kids doing dangerous jobs, packed hospitals

Drive the deteriorating serpentine two-lane corridor of Highway 63 to Fort McMurray and your car narrowly misses oncoming semi-trailers, trucks and wide-loads laden with oilfield storage tanks. It's known as a death highway with scores of accidents and fatalities. Two oilfield workers died recently when a logging truck spilled its load, piercing their oncoming minivan.

During the first quarter of 2006, there were 25,900 more people in Alberta, the highest first-quarter increase yet. In Calgary, where the population hit the one-million mark last month, 100 newcomers arrive daily.

Developers nail up 50 new homes a day but can't keep up. The average house price is $400,000 for a basic model.

Oilsands boom overwhelming Fort McMurray: mayor
Blake, the mayor of the Wood Buffalo municipality at the heart of Alberta's exploding oilsands development, said Monday the provincial government and the energy industry must start paying to mitigate the impact in the Fort McMurray area or consider putting on the brakes.

Klein pushes security of energy supply to U.S.
Several U.S. legislators agreed with Klein, and said increased oil production in the province's oil sands will mean more oil for America.

Klein slams Gore comments attacking Alta. oilsands
Klein has stirred controversy in the past by rejecting scientific data suggesting industrial pollution is one of the leading causes of global warming.

He has even said global warming trends that occurred millions of years ago may have been caused by 'dinosaur farts.'


Anonymous said...

If CNRL is attracting workers with 1 1/2 OT hours instead of double time there must be something going on. Why would workers only want 1 1/2 for OT when they could get 2 hours? Well the simple fact is that although written on paper Double time is no longer the rule. My understanding is no one in Alberta is getting double time. So get over it man. Wake up... smell the coffee.

Get with the times man.

It sad day that OT is only what it is it should be 4 time or 5 times. But that is only in my dream world.

Anonymous said...

Just got a call from a friend working under Building Trades agreement in Ft McNewfie,
Trades are working a scheduled 4-10 week with little or no overtime to speak of.
But hey I guess they have their pride, they still have 2x time in their agreement.
He also told me members are going over to CLAC and CEP and or non-union in droves for the hours.
It makes you wonder if all this chest thumping over 2x time is actually sincere.

Faye said...

In "Droves" you say? Well Sweetie, I guess that's why it's called "A Race To The Bottom"!

Anonymous said...

Trade Unions are a reaction to Capitalism, the System, the Man,the Corporations,
whatever you call it.
I understand that less that 20% of the construction work in Alta is Union; CLAC, Rat and Company Associations included , not the bottom but not far from it.
The corporations and Governments have the building trade unions right where they want them.
I hear McCarron was in Ft Mc kissing Syncrudes ass (Syncrude is going open shop).My condolences to the bro's and Sis's working there, when McCarrons through your assholes will be the size of dinner plates.
Wake up and smell the thorns Faye.
The man has whole departments dedicated to second guessing and fucking over Workers and Unions.